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The Diaspora
New Diaspora Initiative of the Government of Grenada:

The Government of Grenada on 11th September 2009, launched a vibrant initiative to bring the development of a Permanent Grenadian Diaspora Agenda under one Desk, in recognition of on-going and valuable contributions made by the Diaspora to their Homeland; hence was born the Office of Diaspora Affairs within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Founding Conference, catering to the Grenadian Diaspora from all over the world, is taking place on 2-3 August 2011 in Grenada, and is aimed at developing an integrated policy and framework for the involvement of the Diaspora in Grenada's development. Grenada's Diaspora currently comprises Homeland organizations, former civil service employees, ex-students, faith-based groupings and genuinely concerned Grenadians residing across the globe, but largely in the Caribbean, United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom. This upcoming Conference was preceded in August 2010 by a Diaspora Preparatory Conference, which forged the way forward for the Founding Conference in 2011 and Homecoming in 2012.
  • The Existence and Operation of the Diaspora Consultative Committee (DCC)
The idea of a Diaspora Consultative Committee (DCC) UK, was an initiative put forward during a "Discussion with the Diaspora" and the then Foreign Minister for Grenada, The Honourable Peter David held at Huddersfield in May 2010. The (DCC) UK held its first meeting in London on 22 July 2010, followed by a formal launch on 15th September 2010, and agreed to, among other things, gather the views of the UK Diaspora, support and encourage participation in, and consultation on the 2011 Founding Conference, as well as produce a document that would help shape the agenda for the conference.
The Committee is being guided by the Thematic Platforms of Education, Health, Youth, Trade, Investment, Tourism, Sports, Culture, Skills & Technical Assistance, and has received auxiliary support from Grenadians and friends including the Baroness Howells of St. Davids OBE (Member of the House of Lords), Mrs. Dianna Wright and Mr. Anthony C. George BEM (Designer of the Grenada Flag & Motto)
  • The Existence and Operation of the Diaspora Youth Forum (DYF)
The High Commission for Grenada convened a very successful Diaspora Youth Forum (DYF) in London on Saturday September 25th 2010, followed by a Networking Event on November 6th 2010 which formalised the DYF.
The role of the DYF is to provide an opportunity for young persons of Grenadian descent, to explore their Heritage, express their views, and take steps towards making a positive and effective contribution towards the Grenadian Youth Agenda.
The DYF is currently exploring, among other topics: - ways of becoming more involved in Diaspora activities; obstacles preventing deeper involvement; the impact that the DYF-UK could make on Grenada and how to promote Grenada in the UK, as well as to highlight the importance of Grenadian Heritage.
Membership - (DCC) UK
  1. Shirley Anstis
  2. Roy McEwen
  3. Anselm Felix
  4. Faithman Simon
  5. Anthony Gabriel Fraser
  6. Raphael Stanislaus
  7. Laurice Matthew
  8. Claude Sylvester
  9. Margaret Andrews
  10. Carol Joseph
  11. Dean Burnet
  12. Deanne Lewis
  13. Josephine DeSouza
  14. Sally-Ann Richards
  15. Benedict Flanders
  16. Roselyn Simon
  17. Dennis Flanders
  18. Crofton St. Louis
  19. Liz Flanders
  20. Joyce Wade
  21. Lydia VonWyler
  22. Karen Hunte
  23. Roy DeGannes
  24. David Mark
  25. Anthony Noel
  26. Erica McBain   
Auxiliary Members:
  1. The Baroness Howells of St. Davids
  2. Anthony C George
  3. Dianna Wright
Membership - DYF Executive
  1. Jenelle Charles - Chair


To download a PDF of The Diaspora Initiative
The Diaspora Perspective - Presentation by Mr Roy McEwen at the Opening Ceremony of the Diaspora Founding Conference Grenada August 2-3 2011
Declaration - Diaspora Founding Conference Grenada August 2-3 2011
Diaspora Founding Conference Grenada August 2-3 2011 Final Report
For Further Information on the Diaspora Initiative Contact:
Office of Diaspora Affairs
H.A. Blaize Street
St. George's
Tel: 473 435-9995
Fax: 473 435 9994
E-mail: diasporamfa@gmail.com

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